Even though we are located near the highway and the center of Ii, our area is truly peaceful and protected. You can enjoy the peace of nature: green grass and birch trees on the water. Iin Sillat is ideal for families and for those who want to enjoy their own space.

For payments we accept cash as well as most credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Diner’s Club, Japan Credit Bank and China Union Pay.

How to reach us


From Helsinki, drive north on highway 4 straight to Ii. Upon arriving to Ii, follow the signs for Iin Sillat you will find us!


The nearest airport is Oulu Airport, which is about 50 km away.


Oulu Public Transport bus line 23 will bring you to the Ii Hamina which is only a ten minute walk.

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In the year 1961, a campsite was founded alongside the bridges of Ii and included were special holiday cottages in the form of, for example, an onion, a barrel, a cat bell and a lighthouse.

The campground was founded by friends Matti Jääskeläinen and Arno Jääskö. Matti continued running the place until the 1980’s when his son, Lasse Jääskeläinen, took over. At this time, rooms were added to the campground and cottages.


Family owned

Accommodation on the beautiful Ii River has been offered since 1961. Many of our visitors have been visiting us for years, even since their childhood! Iin Sillat began as a family business and continues as a family business to this day – it is important to us that our place feels like home. Our family arrived in 2016 and since then we have renewed our operations and facilities with the aim of providing a better experience.

The first time I visited it immediately felt like home and within five minutes I was sure that I wanted to continue the tradition of Iin Sillat, because the atmosphere and the way of doing things were right. We moved from Michigan to Ii permanently and we brought from America a good service culture!

-Melissa Jovanen, owner

All services nearby

We combine an excellent location with high quality, which gives value for your money. A location near connections and services ensures a comfortable stay. At Iin Sillat or in the surrounding area, you can find much to do, see and experience – stores are also within walking distance. And if you are looking for something specific, you can always rely on our staff’s local knowledge!


Environment and responsibility

The environment, nature and ecology are important to us and we take them into account in many ways. We use energy from solar panels and our hydropower plant – we produce more than we need and the excess is fed into the grid. We support local producers and strive for sustainability in everything we do. We are also an active part of the local community. We take care of our employees and create the best possible work conditions.



Head chef

Robyn is the heart of our kitchen, who is responsible for our guests’ enjoyment and creates food for breakfast and catering, along with her team. Her baking is known especially for being done without wasting ingredients.


Customer service manager

Tiina is a pillar of Iin Sillat, who knows the place like her own hand. She can be seen sometimes in the yard, sometimes ensuring the cleanliness of the rooms, but certainly you will see her at the reception counter – with a smile on her face.